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An Extra Hour of Sleep… An Extra Hour to Organize  The words “Fall Back” are sweet music to the ears of many people looking to enjoy the extra hour of sleep that comes with the fall time change. But Daylight Savings Time can also be a reminder to home and automobile owners to patch up any holes or leaks before colder weather approaches. READ MORE >>

The winter weather can be tough on your lawn and landscaping, but a little bit of preparation goes a long way. Prepping your yard at least six weeks before the first freeze helps it stay healthy and attractive throughout the season; plus, a well-maintained yard is likely to bounce back quicker come spring. READ MORE >>

Here is a great article about what types of home insurance claims can cause disaster for a family.  For questions, give us a call at 701-365-8288 or email us!  Your home is most likely your most valuable asset.  Don't leave the coverage to chance.  Call us today for a free quote! READ MORE >>

Getting ready for a cross-country (or local) motorcycle ride? www.motorcycleroads.com lists the top 25 routes in the US. Add these to your motorcycle bucket list now!  25 – Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon (Utah), 293 miles  24 – The Palomar Mountain Loop (California), 35 miles  READ MORE >>

The weather is warming up and you may already been thinking of the summer. If you’ve gone ahead and purchased a boat for the warmer months, there are few insurance-related things to think about before hitting the waves. Make sure you have the right safety equipment: life jackets, fire extinguisher, floatable seat cushions, towing rope, etc. READ MORE >>

Summer is boating season, and being out on the water together is a great way to spend family time. When you mix kids and boats, however, it's important to know how to keep everyone safe. Here are some important tips to help make all your boating experiences problem free: 1. Life jackets on everybody READ MORE >>

When you live in a home, accidents happen. You can do your best to prevent them, but sometimes things just happen no matter what. It's good to know what are the common accidents that do happen so you can best be prepared when you go over your home insurance policy. Here are the top five home insurance claims. READ MORE >>

1. Keep outside vegetation maintained A house with overgrown trees, bushes and other vegetation are much more appealing to a would-be burglar – it gives off the impression of a home that’s possibly empty. Plus, large tree branches and high shrubs could block the windows and doors, and keep neighbors or passerbies from seeing inside your home when a burglar is inside. READ MORE >>

In today’s overscheduled world, any information that isn’t at your fingertips is out of sight, out of mind. So when you set down the mail, it’s easy to forget about that ticket you need to pay from when the motion-sensor camera caught you driving through a red light. READ MORE >>

Renter's insurance is truly a necessity, although not a legal requirement. Renter's insurance is used to protect your possessions inside of your apartment, and it can also protect your personal liability. Some people think of renter's insurance as just an added expense or a luxury, but you really need to have it if you care about your belongings. READ MORE >>

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