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When you live in a home, accidents happen. You can do your best to prevent them, but sometimes things just happen no matter what. It's good to know what are the common accidents that do happen so you can best be prepared when you go over your home insurance policy. Here are the top five home insurance claims. READ MORE >>

1. Keep outside vegetation maintained A house with overgrown trees, bushes and other vegetation are much more appealing to a would-be burglar – it gives off the impression of a home that’s possibly empty. Plus, large tree branches and high shrubs could block the windows and doors, and keep neighbors or passerbies from seeing inside your home when a burglar is inside. READ MORE >>

In today’s overscheduled world, any information that isn’t at your fingertips is out of sight, out of mind. So when you set down the mail, it’s easy to forget about that ticket you need to pay from when the motion-sensor camera caught you driving through a red light. READ MORE >>

Renter's insurance is truly a necessity, although not a legal requirement. Renter's insurance is used to protect your possessions inside of your apartment, and it can also protect your personal liability. Some people think of renter's insurance as just an added expense or a luxury, but you really need to have it if you care about your belongings. READ MORE >>

Check out the Lattitude 46 by Campbell Properties!  Kelly and her team have a wonderful property with all kinds of amenities!  From underground parking to the pool with 2 hot tubs and sauna, it is gorgeous!  Go to Campbell Properties to check out all their available propterties! READ MORE >>

After a driver is charged with a DUI, in the state of North Dakota they are required to maintain SR-22 coverage. There are a few myths and a lot of misunderstanding about this particular type of insurance coverage. Taking the time to debunk the myths, will allow you to be sure that you always have the coverage you need. READ MORE >>

How many times do you read about car thefts in the Fargo Forum? It may sound surprising at first, but oftentimes, you will learn that the vast majority of those cars were left unlocked. Many of them had valuables in plain sight as well. After all, if you think about it through the eyes of a car thief, why would you break into a car if a different one is unlocked? READ MORE >>

Thoughts and prayers to the Moszer Family and to all Law Enforcement!  Between Cass County Sheriff, Clay County Sheriff, Fargo Police, Moorhead Policy, and West Fargo Police, we have some of the best in the US!  Thanks for all you do!Details on Officer Moszer Funeral and Procession READ MORE >>

Driving in snow and ice is dangerous, and should be avoided as much as possible. But, sometimes the winter weather hits and we have little choice but to brave the elements. As a rule of thumb, if you can avoid going out—you should. But, when driving in severe winter weather is unavoidable, follow these safety tips for driving in snow and ice. READ MORE >>

Legacy Agency now has an office on 45th St S in Fargo ND to serve our clients better!  Stop in and check us out at 3523 45th St S or give us a call at 701-238-7309 to get a quote on your auto insurance, home insurance or life insurance! READ MORE >>

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